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GEM - Graceful Empowered Masterpiece

Women are all wonderfully and fearfully created by God. We are all unique individuals that God has sculptured to be beautiful inside out, to be His daughters, princesses and warriors to influence and be the envy of others.

The Bible mentions many women that God had used, irrespective of their background, status or past history, to influence and impact people and nations leaving behind a legacy of justice and godliness. We learn from people like Esther, Deborah, Naomi, Rahab, Ruth, Leah, the “Marys” & Elizabeth. Now is the time for us to carry on this mantle to our next generation.

We are a threat to the enemy who has been trying hard to destroy the beauty and joy of womanhood. In Genesis, when God created Eve, He created her a perfect and powerful daughter of the Most High God. Because Satan was threatened by her existence, he tempted her to disobey God and this resulted in her losing her original identity in God. This has caused an enmity between us and satan for the longest time and is one of the reasons why many women suffer emotionally now.

But praise God, because of Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection power, we have been redeemed and restored to our position as a princess and warrior of God. So ladies, we are the “Gems for Jesus”.

The vision of the Gem Ministry is to help each of us discover our true identity in Christ and to live purposefully towards our exciting destiny.

If you need someone to talk to, contact Pastor Lilian on 0404 838 851

Sisters Shine Together GEM High Tea - 4 March 2023

Livestream Link:

After almost 3 years of break due to lockdown restrictions, we were finally able to resume our regular GEM High Tea on the 4th of March 2023, an event many ladies have expressed missing as a way to get together.

While praying for the planning of this High Tea, the Holy Sprit prompted me with the bible verse Proverbs 27:17,


As Iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

And so we came up with the theme ”Sisters Shine Together”.

When we ladies come together with the purpose of sharpening each other through our past life experiences and godly wisdom, we are able to shine together, overcome crisis and can encourage each other. 

Together we can be the “Naomi & Ruth” sisterhood to leave behind a legacy of Righteousness and Godly fear to our next generation of womanhood.

We have received a lot of encouraging feedback from the attendees, especially about the life story of Mrs Caroline Kwan. I believe God has ministered to many of the ladies’ hearts and renewed their strength to keep going.


Looking forward to our next Gem High Tea which will be in June 2023.


Lots of Love,

Ps Lilian & GEM organising team

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